All of our heavy machinery, cranes , power generators, conveyor belts and many more products are all available to rent out.

Heavy Machinery

When it comes to heavy machinery it’s always the best choice to rent a machine. this way you don’t need to deal with storage, insurance and maintenance. Give us a call let us know what you are looking for and we will guide you from there.

Mixer Rentals

from full size truck cement mixer to hand cement mixer we have them all in stock for purchase and rent. The trucks are for rent but you can always purchase the smaller mixers. There is a wide range of mixes from fully manual to fully automated. give us call and we will walk you trough.

Custom Term Rentals

Our rental time period is flexible, you can have a unit for one project or you can rent them for years after years. the longer you rent a unit the cheaper it becomes. all the warranty services apply till the end of rental time.


We rent our, repair and assemble and disassemble cranes for any project site anywhere in Canada. there are flat rates for cranes. Give us a call and let’s have a talk